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Bad Marriage Release Dynamic New Single “‘Sorry’ Don’t Feed The Bulldog&#822

Bad Marriage has streamed a new single this week called ‘Sorry’ Don’t Feed The Bulldog.  There is no word about on an album for this single, but I would advise you to follow the band on their website here. This one is another great number in the line of releases from this group of fine rockers. ‘Sorry’ Don’t Feed The Bulldog is song that will have your head bobbing and make me words it bring a smile to your face. I love the way the music breaks down just before the vocals kick in. Eargasmic for me, so many things to like about this song. I won’t give you any more thoughts on it, just want you to indulge it for your selves. Listen to it below.

#SorryDontFeedTheBulldog #BadMarriage

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