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Bad Marriage Releases New Single “Together”. A Call To Action!

  Bad Marriage has released a new single Together. No word if it’s for a new record or not. It is produced by Tesla bassist Brian Wheat. The song is a call to action, asking people to unite and take a stand now, don’t be bystanders. Frontman and singer Jon Paquin’s execution of the lyrics has a serious tone that makes you want to believe in what he is saying. Michael Delaney’s drumming has a military tone to it at times, or should I say like in a marching band style, very fitting for the song. I truly enjoyed what he added. He also anchors down the rhythm section with Ian Haggerty’s rhythm guitar and Todd Boisvert’s bass. There are times where Boisvert’s bass is the highlight of the track. But what I like the most is Mike Fitz’s guitar work with the power chords and melodic soloing all through the single. This song is really done well and with a message that could be anthemic for what is going on today.

The lyric video is animated and you even get to see the band this way but with skeleton faces. As a bonus you get to see their mascot Ludwick, which is very cool. As you hear Paquin’s and see the words of the song flash across the screen, kind of makes it more impactful to me. It’s a perfect union of vocals, words and music. Check it out below.

#BadMarriage #Together

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