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Bad Touch Release “Skyman”, Its Rock That Is Contagious!

Bad Touch is from Dereham, England. They have a new album coming out on October 5th called “Shake A Leg”. You can pre-order it here.. This is the third album from the band. My disappointment is it took me this long to discover them. Now that they are on my radar they should be on yours. My understanding of their new single Skyman is a homage to Duane Allman, as his nick name was Skydog. That alone should tell you what kind of music your will be getting. When you listen to the lyrics you can see how they held Allman in such high regard.

The song honors that blues tradition that Allman has influenced us with. Skyman has great riffs, vocals and sound. Just a great bluesy rock n’ roll tune. Listening to it brought a smile to my face and found it refreshing yet nostalgic. Stevie Westwood’s vocals truly deliver with his range and tone. You believe what he sings. Rob Glendinning’s guitar work is just what a song like this needs. I love how his solo just sneaks itself in the song. Well done I say. I have to admit I really like George Drewry’s drumming in this song, where he adds his fills and just make the song that much better. Because of this I think you can even dance to this rocking number.

The rest of the band Daniel ‘Seeks’ Seekings (Guitar) and Michael Bailey (Bass), should be mentioned as they are the riff and rhythm masters of the song. Can you tell I love what I heard here, I feel like I missed out on this band, but now I get to indulge in their catalog. Admittedly I am looking forward  to the new album. You can learn more about the band here. The video is fun. You get the boys performing and having a good time in their RV. I love that they play games in it as part of the road warrior story. Make sure you pay attention to  the Scrabble game, very clever. You can turn this one up loud and  check out the song below.

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