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Bastette Release An Alluring New Single “Talk About It”!

Bastette has a new record coming out on September 17th titled “Bastette Exposed”. You can pre-order it here. The new single ahead of its release is Talk About It. This song is sultry and seductive at lease the way Caroline Kenyon delivers the vocals. When you hear her sing the following verse;

“Don’t look at me You know I’m not easy to please Don’t Fuck with me I know you love being a tease”

If that doesn’t paint the scene then I don’t know what to tell you. I’ll et you discover the rest of the lyrics so you get the full picture. Musically the song builds up and keeps your attention. I will say the guitar has a real unique sound, it really stands out in the song. The video well, you just need to watch it and tell me if Kenyon doesn’t hypnotize you while she sings and performs the song with the band. Just a great thing to see, all that chemistry and energy. Check it out below.

#Bastette #BastetteExposed #TalkAboutIt

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