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Behind the Rock Star

There always seems to be a debate if rock groups/stars are too old, or should hang it up, that they are done versus those who will see them as long as they are around. Some feel they are no longer relevant and others don’t want to see them age. Maybe because they see their youth disappearing as well? I can see both sides of the argument. But I’ll do my best to present both sides, so here it goes!I guess I will start with the case of why they shouldn’t be continuing going on. First up is all about the vocals. They can’t hit the notes anymore and they don’t sing the same. You can always tell this when you are at the concert, it’s when the singer actually stops singing and lets you sing the words or in some cases actually turns the mic around to the audience. Clever you might say. The second thing is usually that they don’t have the energy they used to when they were much younger. Instead of running around the stage and jumping in the air, they do more of a walk/trot motion or even worse stay in one spot through out the show. That brings in the next point, they are actually old. Yep, they aged (like you didn’t), but in your mind you don’t want to see them gray or balding, even putting on the weight when you see them live. It just doesn’t work for you it ruins the memory when they were, let’s say, more vibrant. Another aspect is if they released anything new and how it’s not the same, etc. Well if they are pushing 60, do you think they should be singing about the stuff they did when they were twenty? When they were younger it was all about the sex, drugs and rock and roll and now as they have gotten older (yes, it happens to all of us), they have matured, have kids and/or are married. But if it’s the original line up or the principal members of the band they will always be familiar so I guess I don’t get they are not the same. I know it makes you wonder when you hear that the Rolling Stones are about to go on their 50th anniversary tour, so I guess that makes them sound dated. The last thing is that they don’t put out anything new for you to listen to and people get upset that they just continue to tour without putting anything out. In that retrospect the rock stars just can’t win, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. But that about covers the cons of why they are too old to rock.Now to the point of why they should go on. Well, I guess if you look at ticket sales and they are selling, that’s a good sign to keep going. As well as if they do release a new record and that sells. In the end that means they still are in demand. To be frank, I still want to see them. Yes, I am selfish when it comes to that. As a matter of reference, look at Van Halen, they already sold out the tour in minutes and there is a lot of hype for their new album; A different kind of truth. I’m sure it will at least be gold and most downloaded. Based on what’s out there that is new rock, I prefer my music, yes that’s what I call it. The new music today isn’t what it should be and I know what you’re thinking, I must be old and you would be right. Don’t get me wrong, I like some new bands and the rest, but not like the good ol’ days when I liked more new than I do now. Old age, maybe it is a bad thing. Anyway, I digress. I think from a music stand point, the rock stars sound tighter and even better today, could be the equipment is better. But I tend to think it’s that they have matured and are more focused on the music than not. In some cases back in the day they were drunk, wasted and whatever else. I take that as a plus. They may not do everything they did when they were younger, like hitting the high notes and running around the stage. But the fact that they are still out there and killing every night says something. I wouldn’t expect Robert Plant to hit the high notes and neither does he, but he deprives me and I mean that, of ever seeing a Led Zeppelin reunion. How selfish of him. I would love to see that and I think I could get over the fact he can’t hit the high notes. Plus today, they make adjustments for the live show and tune down, etc. I’m sure you would go too. I do find it funny that people who don’t want the bands to continue, have no problem paying to see a tribute band. Go figure. The way I see it is you go see them live, get to rock out and relive your youth for a couple of hours and have a great time. What could be wrong with that? In closing, I hope I made it clear, that they should go on. I’m sure for those of you who don’t, I think if someone you loved got back together that hasn’t been touring, you would be the first in line. At least be consistent about it, either they are too old or they are not. Don’t cherry pick, but don’t deprive me, again I do take this personal of seeing them again and again. Because the opposite could apply to you, maybe you’re too old to rock and shouldn’t listen to the old stuff and/or old new stuff. But you won’t stop listening will you? I rest my case. Rock on forever.

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