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Big Wreck Releases New Single “Too Far Gone”!

Big Wreck has released another stand alone single, no word on a new album or a title for it. The latest song dropped by the band is Too Far Gone. This is heavy bluesy riffs. Ian Thornley’s voice is something I can’t get enough of lately. It just resonates with me every time I hear him sing. This song can be taken many ways when you listen to the following lyrics;

“Oh, is there anybody listening? Does anybody really care?”

I feel those words are describing a lot of pain. Something many of us can relate to. Thornley’s guitar playing has an eerie tone to it that kind of gives you the mood if you didn’t get it from the words of the song. I’m not sure what’s going on with the video and how it relates to song but maybe that’s the point. Check it out below.

#BigWreck #TooFarGone

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