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Billy Idol Releases New Single “Cage”!

Billy Idol has a new EP coming out on September 23rd titled “The Cage”. You can pre-order it here. The lead single is Cage. I’m guessing you could say this is the title track, I’m not sure why he dropped the the. In any event, the song rocks. It’s catchy, Idol is back like he never left the eighties. The chorus is classic Idol. If you’re a fan of his, you shouldn’t be disappointed. Steve Stevens guitar playing drives this song and the solo fits it perfectly. You can see why these two are lethal duo and work so well together.  I know he released a previous EP which was more of a somber reflective one. This record brings back his swagger and attitude. All I can say is well done. The video is the perfect compliment to the music. Check it out below.

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