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Billy Idol Releases New Single “Running From The Ghost”!

Billy Idol has put out another single from his recently released EP “The Cage”. You can pre-order it here. The new single is Running From The Ghost and it’s surprisingly better than the title track he released earlier this year. You might at first listen the you were about to get a ballad but the song just picks up and rocks out. You feel the reflective tone in the beginning to the anger he feels now about his ghosts. You go along for the ride as he tells you about his battle. Steve Stevens jumps in with a very melodic and yet edgy solo for this song. You can see how Stevens really compliments in when they are together. I have to say this tune is magical. Idol really does improve with age, 66 years old and still can deliver. The song has relatable lyrics like these;

“The ghost inside of me Heavy on my mind Still fight him in my sleep I see him all the time The Jekyll to my Hyde Down each and every road No matter where I go I’ll be running from the ghost”

I believe we always have something from our past that haunts us. These words describe that perfectly. The video is amazing as well as you see Idol greeting his fans before and after the show. You get the performance as well and Stevens playing behind his head etc. Great stuff here. Check it out below.

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