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Black Country Communion – 2

Black Country Communion


 Track List                                                         Band Members

 1-  The Outsider                                            Glenn Hughes      Vocals, Bass

 2-  Man In The Middle                                  Jason Bonham     Drums

 3-  TheBattle For Hadrian’s Wall                 Joe Bonamassa    Vocals, Guitar

 4-  Save Me                                                   Derek Sherinian   Keyboards

 5-  Smokestack Woman

 6-  Faithless                                                   Produced By:  Kevin Shirley

 7-  An Ordinary Son

 8-  I Can See Your Spirit                                             Official Site

 9-  Little Secret                                    

10- Crossfire

11- Cold                                                             Label    J & R Adventures

   I really like the fact that BCC stayed in the same style as their debut. Lots of bands change sounds or explore on their second release, But BCC stayed right on course. They maintain a classic rock feel. They did go a little softer on a couple of tracks than they did on their original release, which is okay. It fits the mold of this record. I do think this is better than their first one. This one sounds like they are more cohesive as a unit (touring may have helped that, since they did that relentlessly). Joe’s guitar work is as good as it gets. Both Joe and Glenn’s vocals are well done and Jason’s drums are impressive and let’s not forget that Derek does fill out the songs nicely with different sounds and make these songs that much better.

   Outstanding tracks to me are, The Oustider, Man In The Middle (Great bass line), Save Me, I Can See Your Spirit and finally Little Secret (the blues tone is amazing). This record won’t disappoint you, if you love hard rock and a 70’s classic sound. This has all of that and so much more. Now, I am not going to say that you won’t hear some Led Zep and Deep Purple influences here, plus your obvious blues, but they make it all their own and it doesn’t take away from who they are. What’s funny is the first record took 5 days to record and this record took 10 days, to go along with that, the two albums are 9 months apart. But this one’s production seems much better than the first. Again I point out in this record they are more in sync as a band. I think you would be depriving yourself if you didn’t purchase this one. It’s a pretty good straight ahead classic rock album that has great lyrical content and moves you with its songs. They really put the SUPER in super group one of the rare ones that gelled and were able to put out two records and now await a third. Give it a listen, and see if you think it’s a good record, it at least deserves that much respect.

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