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Black Country Communion Release A Song With A Message Called “The Cove”!

Black Country Communion has released yet another single from their current album “BCCIV”. This one is different as it has a message, the song is The Cove. Bassist Glenn Hughes has a passion for dolphins and the song is about that. In Japan, there is a coastal town named Taiji that hunts dolphins for killing and entertainment. The video shows some scenes from the town and the dolphins. The band is also shown in the studio playing the song which seems the trend for everything they are releasing from this album. The song itself isn’t anything special, it does have a nice riff. Other than that, it’s par for the course. Learn more about the non-profit organization The Dolphin Project that is trying to stop the dolphins hunting and killing here. You can check out the video below.

#BCCIV #BlackCountryCommunion #TheCove

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