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Black Sabbath Releases “Neon Knights” Live From 1980!

Black Sabbath will be releasing an expanded edition of their ninth album “Heaven And Hell”. It comes out March 5th and you can pre-order a copy here. Ahead of it’s release they give us Neon Knights live from their August 10, 1980 from Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT. Anytime you get to hear Ronnie James Dio live it’s a treat. Capturing moments like this from over 40 years ago is something to cherish.

You also get to hear Tony Iommi’s guitar work, which is impressive. All the instruments are clear but I think you miss the fuller sound off the studio version. Regardless you know the song and you get to hear a classic in it’s prime. Hell you even get Dio talking to crowd. All that together it’s magical. The only thing missing is a video. What you get instead a animated stream of the cover of the album. Check it out below.

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