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Black Sabbath Releases Remastered Version Of "Children Of The Sea" Live!

Black Sabbath will be releasing a remastered deluxe edition of their 1983 album "Live Evil" for their 40th anniversary. The album will be out June 2nd.. You can pre-order it here. Children Of The Sea is the second single from this package/bundle. Out of all the Ronnie James Dio song he sang with the band, this is by far my favorite. This makes it on all my playlists and to hear remastered in this fashion, just brings me joy. I love it and so happy they decided to take this album to the next level. You get to everything as it is intended. This will be a must when it comes out for me. The only thing missing with this is a performance clip of them playing it. Otherwise, this is simply fantastic. Check it out below.

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