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Black Star Riders-Heavy Fire

BSR finally released the title track to their forthcoming album. It will be released on February 3rd. This is the third video from the album. Most know the band is derived from the members of Thin Lizzy. If you noticed that the sound is familiar, you now know why. The best part of the song is the guitar work of Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson. Rounding out the rhythm section is Robbie Crane on bass and Jimmy DeGrasso on drums. DeGrasso’s drumming is pretty good on this one, as well. I guess to me the disappointment is the vocals of Ricky Warwick. I think the singing kind of gets lost in the music. Warwick’s vocals don’t really add anything to the song. His solo work seemed much more ambitious than the singing on this one. Not a fan of the video, but was glad that they added lyrics. The title track doesn’t entice me to buy the record, which is disappointing in that title tracks are usually one of the best songs on the album.

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