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Black Stone Cherry And Monster Truck Team Up and Form The Cherry Truck Band And Release A New Single

  Black Stone Cherry And Monster Truck got together and decided to write song from scratch during the lockdown for Covid-19. From it they have now formed The Cherry Truck Band and has released a new single Love Become Law. You can purchase the song here. All proceeds from the song go towards The Boys and Girls Club of America and Black Lives Matter Foundation.

The song is exactly what you would expect if these tow band did merge. It’s heavy and has a cool riff. Both bands like to send out messages in their song and this one is no different. They both promote peace and love. The highlight to me is the jam section in the song which is what makes the tune for me. The switch off in vocals is a nice touch as well. The video is a stream of the song over the new band photo. Check it out below.

#BlackSToneCherry #LoveBecomeLaw #MonsterTruck #TheCherryTruckBand

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