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Black Stone Cherry – Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

BSC Devil

Black Stone Cherry

Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

     Track List                                                     Band Members

 1-White Trash Millionaire                       Chris Robertson         Lead Guitar and Vocals

 2- Killing Floor                                       John Fred Young        Drums

 3- In My Blood                                           Ben Wells               Guitar

 4- Such A Shame                                     Jon Lawhon             Bass

 5- Won’t Let Go

 6- Blame It On The Boom Boom                      Produced By:  Howard Benson

 7- Like I Roll

 8- Can’t You See                                                      Official Site

 9-  Let Me See You Shake           

10- Stay

11- Change                                                               Label  

12- All I’m Dreaming Of                                RoadRunner Records

13- Staring At The Mirror

14- Fade Away

15- Die For You

   Let me begin by saying how much I love this band and this CD. I play it all the time. I just wanted to make that clear before I give my review. 15 tracks or 51 minutes of music is a treat as far as today’s releases go. Most band stay in the 10 to 11 song range and less than 45 minutes, in this day and age that is a sin, we are not talking vinyl here. But I digress. The one thing I will say about this album versus the bands previous is that it’s slightly more commercial than the others. I believe they went for the radio airplay which tracks like White Trash Millionaire and Blame It On The Boom Boom fit quite nicely. But this doesn’t meant this CD doesn’t rock it does. It just shows they have grown musically or matured to make a nice mix of hard and soft on this release.

  They will probably release Like I Roll next, probably followed by Let Me See You Shake. This record is not as heavy as their previous efforts, but they do stick to their southern metal roots. I am not a fan of  many covers by bands, but they did Marshall Tucker’s Can’t You See. I must say I prefer the original. Chris Robertson’s vocals and guitar work are fantastic and lots of these tracks will come off great live. You may think there re some songs similar sounding to Nickelback and that may be true, they did open for them in the past and maybe were slightly influenced. Chad Kroger of Nickelback has been getting around and bands like Theory of A Deadman and Daughtry, who coincidently was produced by Howard Benson as well, so maybe as they too have a Nickelback type of sound have been Kroegerized. Black Stone Cherry makes a great record here, and the more you play it the more it will grow on you. One of the best CD’s of the year. Get your friends down to the creek, crank it up and have a great party southern style.

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