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Black Stone Cherry Release A Killer New Single “Again”!

  Black Stone Cherry has a new album coming out on October 30 titled “The Human Condition”. You can pre-order it here. Again is the lead single from the record. I for one, think this band keeps getting better. This song is no exception. The opening riff hooks you right in and then out of nowhere the whole band jumps in and the song just got heavier and that’s a powerful moment right there. It certainly gets your attention.

  Chris Robertson’s vocals are on full display from the Bluesy rasp to a softer approach during the chorus. I wouldn’t be right not to mention John Fred Young’s pounding drums driving the song and the rest of the band. You can hear Jon Lawhon’s bass lines and Ben Wells backing guitar really highlight Robertson’s playing and solo. I have to say the song is catchy song with real head banging appeal. It’s definitely worthy of your time. The video shows the band performing in black and white. I like the way they shot the video annunciates the song, be it the singing or the playing, very well done. Check it out below.

#Again #BlackSToneCherry #TheHumanCondition

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