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Black Stone Cherry Release “Again” Live!

Black Stone Cherry has released a live performance clip of the their single Again. The song comes from their current “The Human Condition”. You can get a copy here. I had reviewed the song back in August. You can read that here. This review is about the video. I love the fact that the boys did it in a theater and played it live. I think it’s pretty cool they did while social distancing.

These guys are real rock stars to me, they always keep raising the bar. You can’t deny these guys bring it 100% every time they hit the stage. No audience and they are playing like they in front of a sold out arena. I love that. The song was taken from the set they performed and filmed at the SkyPac, a performing arts centre in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The shooting of the video I felt could be a bit better, maybe steadier, not sure, I wasn’t a fan of some of the angles it shot from. Still it makes me sad that I can’t see a show yet. I’ll take this though. In any event check it out below.

#Again #BlackSToneCherry #TheHumanCondition

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