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Black Stone Cherry Release “Burnin'” And It’s A Scorcher!

Black Stone Cherry release a new lyric video this week called Burnin’. It’s from their forthcoming album “Family Tree”, due out April 20th. You all know I am a huge fan of BSC. This is one band that gets better with every record. I don’t say that about many groups, but this one never disappoints me. Burnin’ is no different. The song has more of an up tempo vibe, that seems refreshing for them. There is a lot to be excited about this song, the guitar riffs, the bass, and drums stand out in a dynamic way. The pure gold here is Chris Robertson’s vocals with no music and then singing over just John Fred Young’s drums. Again, I can’t say enough good about this one. The line of the song that to me is the best is “She’s got my mind under arrest”. What a great lyric. What a way to describe a one-way focus, just fantastic. I would definitely be playing this one on Valentines Day. Well done boys well done! Check out Brunin’ for you.

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