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Black Stone Cherry Release New Single "Nervous"!

Black Stone Cherry will be releasing a new album on September 29th titled, "Screaming' At The Sky". You can pre-order a copy here. The new single is Nervous. The boys are back in their heavy mode and it's great to see or should I say hear. This time we also get their new bassist's debut on record, Steve Jewell Jr. This is the band at its best. Lyrically they nailed it as well. When you read the following lyrics;

"I get nervous

Scratch the surface

Is anybody listening

I feel worthless


The silence is deafening

Come tomorrow when I'm older

I will be somebody's shoulder

I'm not perfect, just a person

And I stay fucking nervous"

Tell me you haven't related to those words, or know someone who has lived it. As many of the songs this group writes. They put very personal lyrics that strike emotion and a nerve. Something I always liked about them. Very relatable. The video helps bring the words to life. Check it out below.

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