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Black Stone Cherry Releases The Official Video For Their Single “Ringin’ In My Head&#822

Black Stone Cherry has released a new video from their album from 2020 “Home Condition”. You can get a copy here. You can read my review from then of the single Ringin’ In My Head here. I still feel the same way about the song as I did back in 2020. I also feel the lyrics are more true today than then. This verse kind of sums that up;

“Brother, brother could you lend a hand I’m in a prison in my own land Enlist resistance with a peaceful heart Can’t let these times tear us all apart”

That is some truth right there. The cool thing is the video they shot for this. You get the band playing in John Fred Young’s family owned barn. The band usually rehearses there. It also shows a family of four living the words of the song. The mixture of the two with song are really well done. Check it out below.

#BlackSToneCherry #HumanCondition #RinginInMyHead

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