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Black Veil Brides New Song “Wake Up”!

The Black Veils Brides have just released their new album “Vale”, along with the new album they released a new video of their song Wake Up. Frontman Andy Biersack plays The Prophet who stood up against the United Global Alliance and is scheduled to be executed. His vocals show you he means what he says. The video is well done and tells the story well. The song itself is quite catchy. I’m sure once you listen to this one a few times you will be singing along to the chorus. I have to say I love the opening verse and I think it’s truly relevant in today’s political climate. Check out the passage;

“All we know is time It’s slipping from our lives A world that kept the truth Hidden in the lies”

That says a lot, together with the video it has quite an impact. Lead guitarist Jake Pitts solo deserves your attention as it transitions you perfectly from chorus to verse. You can check out the video below.

#TheBlackVeilBrides #Vale #WakeUp

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