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Black Water Rising Is A Band That Should Be On Your Radar!

Black Water Rising is from Brooklyn, NY. Why is that important, it’s important because their songs reflect what growing up on the streets is like. The band has that hardened attitude that you would expect from the city. They just put out a new album called “Electrified”. The latest video I found is called Dance With The Devil, from their previous album “Pissed-N-Driven”. The song is a pretty graphic about life on the streets. The video does a great job making the lyrics come to life. Check out these two lines of the song:

“Some will die and some will survive, On the streets of madness where the devil thrives”

Tell me that doesn’t set the tone of what happens out there on the streets? That’s just a sample, so many good lines in this one that tell a story. Once you hear the song, you will be hooked and want to play it again. This band gets it.  Like I said, get this band on your radar. You can learn more about the band here. Check out the video below and by the way, you should crank it up!.

#BlackWaterRising #DanceWithTheDevil #Electrified

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