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Blackberry Smoke Goes Acoustic With “Run Away From It All”!

Blackberry Smoke has a new EP coming out on October 26th titled “The Southern Ground Sessions”. It’s a six track acoustic EP that features songs from their current album “Find A Light”. They do a cover version of Tom Petty’s You Got Lucky as well. The first treat from this EP is Run Away From It All. I will admit first hand that this band just continues to get better with everything they do. This song is n exception. The harmonies and the playing here is pretty spectacular. The band always seems right at home no matter what they do. For whatever reason the lyrics resonated with me in this format as opposed to the original version. Tell me if you can’t relate this verse;

Standin’ on a bridge, see the water keep flowin’ by, by I flipped a quarter in the river, then I headed for the other side, side I made the same wish that I always do I’m just fool enough to think they ever come true Came in like a lion, now I’m out like a lamb They don’t even know who I am

That is so very true, we know we make wishes and most don’t come true and we still do them anyway. The song has a nice vibe to it as they jam the tune. Check it out below.

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