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Blackberry Smoke Release A Rocking New Single “All Over The Road”!

Blackberry Smoke released a new single from their just released album “You Hear Georgia”. You can get a copy here. All Over The Road is the latest song from the record. What’s not to like about this one. Can’t find anything wrong with it. It’s hard and fast paced, it’s got great lyrics that paint a great picture, like these:

“Ain’t a taillight for as far as I can see Fuzz buster just in case the man is clockin’ me A hundred miles down, about a hundred more to go I’m steady rollin’, yeah there’s one thing I know”

Now if that doesn’t get your heart pumping not sure what will. Now about halfway through the song it slows down and I have to say it’s magical, at least to me. Perfection as it were. The video is them performing in the studio. Just love watching these guys enjoying themselves and playing. You can check it out below.

#AllOverTheRoad #BlackberrySmoke #YouHearGeorgia

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