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Blackberry Smoke Release New Single “You Hear Georgia”!

Blackberry Smoke will be releasing album on May 28th titled “You Hear Georgia”. You can pre-order it here. The band released the title track ahead of it’s release. The thing that stands out on this song is the slide guitar. They do a great job in using it throughout the track. Charlie Starr’s voice is one of my favorites and I really love how he tells a story. He gets your attention and keeps it. This is just a great feel good rock tune. The song is basically about people perception of the south and how they are misunderstood. It’s message we all need to hear. That aside, it’s always a good thing when a band like this releases new music.

The video shows some candid moments in the studio before you see them recording the song. I enjoy these peeks behind the curtain because you don’t normally see or hear these types of things. Here we are watching the magic happen, and we get be a part of it. You can check it out below.

#BlackberrySmoke #YouHearGeorgia

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