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Blackberry Smoke Release Their Version Of Little Richard’s “Southern Child”!

  Blackberry Smoke has a new EP coming-out on June 19th titled “Live From Capricorn Sound Studios”. You can pre-order it here.. Today they have released a cover of Little Richard’s Southern Child. Richards versions is a bit shorter and keeping in mind that he recorded it to be released in 1972, but it wasn’t until 2005. His version is pretty straight forward.

  Blackberry Smoke has made it their own and the song is much fuller in sound. There is a lot to love about this song, the harmonic, the slide guitar the highlight of each instrument, the guitar solo, even the back up singers. I’m mean if you like the bands southern rock style then you should move their performance of this song. I’m not going to bore you with my praise any longer, you should just hear it for yourself. The video shows the band jamming out to the tune and enjoying themselves. Again tis is my favorite type of video. Check it out below.

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