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Blackberry Smoke Releases New Single “All Rise Again” Featuring Warren Haynes!

Blackberry Smoke has a new album coming out on May 28th titled “You Hear Georgia”. You can pre-order it here. All Rise Again is the latest single from the record and it features Warren Haynes of Government Mule. This one has a great hook and riff. I love the way the rhythm section stands out on this. The bass and drums are lethal on this song. Haynes guitar solo with the slide is just the right touch of classiness needed for this track. But what I love is when Charlie Starr and Haynes trade off vocals. It’s like Haynes was always a member of the band, that’s not an easy thing to pull off. The tune is a reflective one yet a low key call to action when you hear the following verse;

“Oh, how could we know Where’d it all go How did we all get here and When, you watch the wheel spin This ain’t how it ends Be ready when We all rise again”

I think it says it all, especially during the pandemic. The video hits all the things I like to see, candid moments, in studio and performing, they hit the trifecta and witnessing Haynes playing the solo well that’s just magic. These guys are pros and deliver the goods on every level every time. Check it out below.

#AllRiseAgain #BlackberrySmoke #YouHearGeorgia

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