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Blackberry Smoke Releases New Single “Hey Delilah”!

Blackberry Smoke has anew album coming out on May 28th titled “You Hear Georgia”. You can pre-order it here. The second single from the record is Hey Delilah. This has a nice southern rock tempo, you even get the back up singers. Throw in the slide guitar and Charlie Starr’s southern drawl and you have in the making great rock tune. Starr stated the following about the song;

“It’s a good old scary Bible story with a New Orleans groove. Delilah has a cellphone now, though.”

Now you can’t get a better tale than that for a modern day interpretation of a bible story. The chorus is catchy and i think you will find yourself singing along in no time. The video shows the band performing the song in the studio. I always enjoy these types of videos. Check it out below.

#BlackberrySmoke #HeyDelilah #YouHearGeorgia

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