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Blackstone Cherry Releases New Single “The Chain”. A Message Worth Hearing!

Blackstone Cherry has released another singe from their current album “The Human Condition”. You can get a copy here. The Chain is the latest single from the stellar record. This is one of my favorites on the album. Now if you are the type of fan that you want the sound like they did when they started, you got your wish with this one. Hard driving riffs, straight ahead rock and roll the way you like it. The track has a great a jam that really highlights Chris Robertson’s guitar solo. The song has a message, maybe more of a call to action. As always the lyrics tell a very picturesque story. The opening verse does that in great detail;

“One in the chamber Five on the ground now Another’s dead That six gun sound pow You heard just what I said, I ain’t gon’ re-re-repeat it God as my witness, we got to learn how”

The rest of lyrics basically say that we need to make a difference. We are all linked together but if we do nothing we are just part of The Chain. It’s something think about it. The video is the band in the studio recording the song, my favorite type. I love the behind the scenes look. Check it out below.

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