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Blacktop Mojo Release “It Won’t Last”!

Blacktop Mojo has released a new single from their current album “Under The Sun”. It Won’t Last is the latest single. If your looking for a bluesy with an emotional feel thank you just got what you wanted. This song delivers that and more. Matt James vocals are very melodic in this and showing the type of range he has. But I have to say the real highlight or should I say the hero of this single is lead guitarist Ryan Kiefer. The way he plays the guitar through out this song is nothing short of fantastic. This is a clinic on how to play a slow bluesy number with emotion and heart. Kiefer takes it over the top when he gets to the solo, you will have no choice but to embrace. It will pull you in and amaze you. This is one tune that is done well and is everything you need in a song. You need to pay attention to this band, they should be heard and be known everywhere. The video shows the band playing it and that is always a good thing. Check it out below.

#BlacktopMojo #ItWontLast #UnderTheSun

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