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Blacktop Mojo Release “Prodigal” And It Encourages You To Go Out On Your Own!

Blacktop Mojo has a new single out from their current album “Burn The Ships”. Prodigal is a power ballad but a different kind of ballad. This one talks about leaving your roots behind and going on your own and making it. The first verse defines it all with the following words:

“Don’t call me the prodigal son, Because I ain’t coming back. I’ll make it on my own. Let me walk my own path. Don’t worry about me, I’ve got everything I need”

How many of us have felt that way at one time or another? I know I certainly have. Matt James’s vocals are over the top here. It really tells the story and you can feel the emotions he is going through. I love the way he delivers these words. Ryan Kiefer’s melodic guitar solo just takes this song to another level. This band knows how to put together a song. Texas should be proud. The video reflects the story of the lyrics. But the best part is that the band uses footage and people from their home town to tell it. Brilliant! You also get to see James sing the song like a narrator of a story. I don’t think you can go wrong with this one. Check it out below.

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