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Blacktop Mojo Releases Epic New Single “Darlin’ I Won’t Tell”!

Blacktop Mojo has released a new single from their current self titled album. You can get a copy here. The new single Darlin’ I Won’t Tell from it. Before I dig into the track the song is the third part of a trilogy of songs from the record that tell a story and is the concert within the album. The previous two singles were Jealousy and Make Believe. I suggest you check them out to see the story line through.

Back to the single. You might think it’s a ballad but it’s far from it. This is a kick ass song. Once it picks up pace and you get the thunderous rhythm section and hard driving guitar, you know you are in for a treat. Matt James voice cues up the changes in the way he sings the song. It won’t take long for the song to get you into a hypnotic trance. You’ll be bobbing your head in no time and pending your fists. This song will do that to you. Trust me . this melodic number will be one you’ll really like.

The video one is an animated one and goes well with the music and goes along with James telling the story. As I stated earlier, this is part of a trilogy. Not that this doesn’t stand alone but I think it’s better you watch them all ti get the gist of it all. In any event you can check the song and video below.

#BlacktopMojo #DarlinIWontTell

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