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Blacktop Mojo Releases New Single “Signal’s Gone”!

Blacktop Mojo has released a new single from their current EP “Static”. You can purchase it here. Signal’s Gone is a song about being ghosted. If you aren’t familiar with the term, it’s basically someone who no longer communicates with you and you had no closure or know why the person broke it off with you. The most impactful line in the song is;

“I guess I won’t know how it ends”

Speaking of the relationship and never knowing the results of what could have been had there been some form of conversation dealing with the issue or concerns of the time. The song is acoustic but Matt James vocals deliver the emotional churning in a very compelling way. By the end of the song you can feel his pain and frustration. Now, that’s how you know you have a great tune. The video shows hime dealing with and I have to say I wasn’t sure how it was to play out watching it but it really matches with the lyrics well and compliments the words and tine of the song excellently. Check it out below.

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