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Blue Helix Knocks Out Bullying With Title Track “Anti-Social Butterfly”!

Blue Helix release the title track of their current EP “Anti-Social Butterfly”. ‘I’m not sure where to begin in this song as it is so good on so many levels. The vocals of Singer Sami Chohfi are just simply put, fantastic in this. My favorite part is when he slows things down and lowers his voice and sings and just as he starts to scream, the drums by Marco Bicca kick in and it’s just magic with Chohfi’s voice. I’m sure you will agree when you hear it. The hard-driving riff of this song by Arman Birang’s guitar work and Wolf on bass make this track and the message it sends very moodily and passionate. The last verse I believe says it all;

I just wanna be someone else I just wanna feel something now You don’t like the man I am Like I ruined all your plans I’m an Anti-social Butterfly And I am here to take what’s mine

I could go on, but enough about the song, you will appreciate it when you play it, now to the video. The video is the classic bullying scenario. Boy get’s picked on and harassed, the catch here is the boy comes back to face his nemesis. It is truly well done. I don’t want to give much away, but you’ll catch on rather quickly. I got this from the band’s Facebook page, “Singer Sami Chohfi was bullied a lot as a kid and wanted to create “Anti-Social Butterfly” to give hope and serve as a positive message to those who have suffered and continue to suffer from bullying”. Enjoy the audio and the visual this song brings below.

#AntiSocialButterfly #BlueHelix

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