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Blue Oyster Cult Release New Single “The Alchemist”. The Boys Are Back!

Blue Oyster Cult has released a new single from their just released new album “The Symbol Remains”. You can purchase it here. The Alchemist is definitely worth the wait if you are fan. This is exactly what you want from the band, classic sounding, sci-fi story telling and of course eerie riffs. The opening line is quite deep. A great way to open the song when you read it;

“I’ve walked a path of darkness just to open up my mind”

It sets up the story and the tone of the song. Brilliant actually. It quickly is becoming my favorite track on the album. The heaviness and Eric Bloom’s vocals just make it perfect for me. Buck Dharma delivers like he does. I can’t find anything to be disappointed about here. The video is fitting with Bloom playing the lead as the Alchemist and telling the story. He is perfect for the part. You get to see the band paying the song as well. The song and the video are a match made in rock n’ roll. Check it out below.

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