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Blue Pills Release New Single “Kiss My Past Goodbye”!

  Blue Pills have a new album coming out on August 21st titled “Holy Moly!”. You can pre-order it here. Kiss My Past Goodbye is the third single from the fortcoming record. Start learning these names;

Elin Larsson – Vocals Zack Anderson – Guitar André Kvarnström – Drums Kristoffer Schander – Bass

This band is on fire and it’s hard to believe we are on their third album and they aren’t a world renowned band yet. This isn’t quite as strong as the first two singles but is still good. When you listen to Larsson’s vocals telling you where to go and that the relationship is through, you believe her. I love the music on this track but you have to take notice of the heroic drumming by Kvarnström. I never get bored with this band. They always make me smile and appreciate the Blues rock style they put on display for us to enjoy.

The video is somewhat blurry for some reason, odd choice I thought. Overall, you get to see the band perform which is cool and some shots that aren’t related to the music. At the very least, it’s different and odd to me. Maybe you might get the connection but I didn’t. But don’t let that take away from the song. Check it out below.

#BluePills #HolyMoly #KissMyPastGoodbye

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