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Bon Jovi Release “Do What You Can”, Possibly The New Anthem For The Pandemic!

  Bon Jovi has a new record coming out on October 2 (Originally it was supposed to come out May 15th and was delayed) titled “2020”. You can pre-order it here. Do What You Can is the latest single from it. This song has a real poppy vibe to it, but it’s catchy. Lyrically it’s standard fare from Bon Jovi. But Have to say they are so perfect for what we are going through and optimistic a song of hope. When you hear the verse;

“I know you’re feeling kind of nervous We’re all a little bit confused Nothing’s the same, this ain’t a game We’ve gotta make it through”

  I think this really sums up what most people feel during this pandemic. There are even more lines in the song that he does a great job portraying what’s going on. The song grows on you rather quickly and it’s very relatable. The upbeat tempo inspires hope and I believe it could be an anthem for the time. The lyric video is pretty good in that sense you can follow along as he’s singing. the song almost has a cadence to it and the words follow it in that way. It’s well packaged. Check it out below.

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