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Bon Jovi Releases New Single “Unbroken”

Bon Jovi has released a new single for the soon to be released Netflix movie “To Be Of Service”. It will be released on Veteran’s Day November 11th. Unbroken is a song that Jon Bon Jovi says is about soldiers returning from war and dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at home. He also shares the benefits of how service dogs also helps the Veterans. For the next 12 months all the proceeds from the song will be given to Patriotic Service Dog Foundation. You can visit their site here. There are a lot of good verses within this song. You might think he served himself. One of them that really says a lot is the following;

“It’s eighteen months now I’ve been stateside With this medal on my chest But there are things I can’t remember And there are things I won’t forget I lie awake at night With dreams the devil shouldn’t see I want to scream but I can’t breathe And, Christ, I’m sweating through these sheets”

Now that’s powerful stuff. I have heard similar stories. The rest of the lyrics really pain a story. You should read them, well worth your time. Musically, the song really goes with the words, it’s not anthemic but could be. This track is all about the message, so don’t be looking for anything that will rock you out. Based on the song alone, I will be checking out the movie. I just hope it’s as good as this singe. The video shows scenes of war that tie to the lyrics. Even though this is band song, all you see is Jon. I think that wa done for dramatic effect. Check it out below.

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