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Bon Jovi Releases “Wanted Dead Or Alive” From Wembley Stadium!

Bon Jovi has released Wanted Dead Or Alive from his current “This House Is Not For Sale” album and tour. It’s part of his diary and I believe this is the sixth release from it. This time it’s Wanted Dead Or Alive and it’s from Wembley Arena in London, England. Musically, this on the mark, made not so much of the feel Richie Sambora had or his harmonies but overall it’s there. Jon Bon Jovi’s vocals either need to be turned up or his voice is tired. I struggled with hearing him, maybe he doesn’t belt it out like he used to with his age. I’m not sure, I’m going with they need to turn up the mike. The performance clip shows that they are enjoying themselves along with the crowd. You can never go wrong with that. Does he miss Sambora up there, you decide. Check it out below.

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