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Boston Based Rockers, One Time Mountain Should Be On Your Playlist!

I came across One Time Mountain from my friend Wayne Benson of Boston Rock Radio. You can check out his site here. It’s a great place to learn about bands like One Time Mountain. I was hooked the moment I heard them and played everything I could find on them. As I was bragging to some friends about this great find of a rock band, they kept asking who they are similar too. That was a hard one to answer. But if I had to say the band would be the Canadian band known as Default. Outside of that, this band’s sound and songs are fantastic. I wish I knew about them sooner. Below is their latest lyric video called Seasons. The song is from a yet to be released album. Still waiting for the details, I’m being patient, but you need to check them out. Learn more about them here. Listen to the song and tell me it doesn’t make you want to play it again and again.

#OneTimeMountain #Seasons

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