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Boston Rockers Parts Per Million Release “Placebo”

Parts Per Million has released a new single Placebo. I didn’t see anything about a new album. You can check out all they have going on and updates at their website here. Anyone who thinks rock is dead needs to go to Boston and check these guys out and reclaim their faith. The thing that gets your attention on this song right away is the harmonies. They are just at another level. The band kicks in with a heavy riff that will get your head nodding back and forth naturally. Musically they have a Alice In Chains vibe but more melodic. The thing that caught me off guard is the point where the guitar solo kicks in. It slows down and goes into a bluesy tone and gives you a great ride before it finally goes back to riff of the song. The solo along with the harmonies is worthy of your attention. The video shows the band in the studio and I always enjoy when they do this type of video. I think you will agree with me that they are on track to bring rock back from the dead as it were. Check out Placebo below.

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