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Boston’s Parts Per Million Releases A Paramount New Single “No More Days”!

Parts Per Million has a new EP coming out soon titled “The Cycle”. The first single from it is No More Days. This song is really impactful and a sign of the times or so it seems. The band puts forward what a lot of people feel as a no way out situation. When you see the lyrics like these;

“Been around the same old same, Seems I’ve said it every other way, And theres nothing left to say, No more days”

Pretty impactful words that basically say I got nothing to live for and I’m out. Paul McSweeney’s vocals deliver this emotional ride in a way that makes you feel for the guy. The music starts off slow and steady until the chorus where he displays the anger of feeling defeated. Overall, you understand where he comes from and you hope he can see himself. But alas, when it’s all said and done he takes his own life. Again, the is unfortunate as too many take this action. The video is very good in the way that it delivers the song. I love the fact they used the funeral scenario and cemetery as the backdrop. It plays like out like a movie. Together with the music it captures you and makes you feel his pain. Check it out below.

#NoMoreDays #PartsPerMillion #TheCycle

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