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Brian May Releases Remastered Reissue Of "Star Fleet" Featuring Eddie Van Halen!

Brian May (Queen) is re-releasing his "Star Fleet Mini Project" from 1983. It is being remastered and remixed and will include all the takes everything that happened the two days they took to record it. It is also billed as Brian May And Friends. The album comes out on July 14th. You can get a copy here. If you were wondering who the friends are for this project they were bassists Phil Chen (Session Musician), keyboardist Fred Mandel (Session Musician), drummer Alan Gratzer (REO Speedwagon) and of course Eddie Van Halen on guitar.

The single is Star Fleet. The elephant in the room here is Van Halen's guitar solo. But before we get there let's analyze the track. The song reminds me of seventies Styx, mixed with eighties Saga. I know a strange comparison but that's what I heard when I played it back. Now that the music has been upgraded and has a crisper sound Van Halen's solo is even more impressive. At this point, I think I'll let you check it out on your own. Give it a listen below,

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