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Bruce Springsteen Releases “Ghosts” And The Boss Delivers!

Bruce Springsteen will be releasing a new record on October 23rd titled “Letter To You”. You can pre-order it here. Ghosts is the second single from the forthcoming album. This is Springsteen at his best. Storytelling. This time he takes on a journey of his time in the band. He starts from their youth and brings it to today. He uses reflection to talk about the great times and then brings it to where some of his bandmates have passed, hence the Ghosts reference. He talks about being alive but remembers them and their sprit. I think the most potent two lines of the song are;

“I turn up the volume, let the spirits be my guide Meet you brother and sister on the other side”

Now that’s deep and meaningful especially from a rocker on the other side of his career. I think this is some of his best material in years. The video gives us a great opportunity to see some footage of Springsteen when he was young. This is worth the watch just for that alone. He brings it to a full circle by placing himself in the studio recording it. This song and video is as good as it gets. Check it out below.

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