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Bruce Springsteen Releases New Single “The Power Of Prayer”! A Future Classic!

Bruce Springsteen has released another single from his recently released album “Letter To You”. You can get a copy of it here. The Power Of Prayer is the latest song from the record. This is as good as it gets if you are Springsteen fan. This is almost a throwback to his sound of the 1970’s. The track basically inspires hope and praying that they will get where they want to go. It has a look at the past and where they are now. Again Springsteen doing what he does best as a story teller. The song just takes on his journey and you find yourself lost in the tale.

The video is a true gift as you get him showing his early days as well as him in the studio recording it. I love this types of videos. Seeing him and the band in various stages of their career is a very cool thing to take in. Check it out below.

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