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Bruce Springsteen Releases “Sundown”!

Bruce Springsteen has released yet another single from his latest album “Western Stars”. Sundown is the latest. At this point he probably released almost every song from it or sure seems that way. The music is for the film by the same name of the record or should I say soundtrack. The movie gets released in America on October 25th. In any event, this is the most pop toned song of them. You kind of get a full package of music here with an orchestra and more harmonies that most of Springsteen material. But one thing is always clear is he certainly knows how to weave a story. Check out the following opening verse;

“I’m twenty-five hundred miles from where I wanna be It feels like a hundred years since you’ve been near to me I guess what goes around, baby, comes around Just wishing you were here with me, in Sundown”

Now that’s a great way to tell someone you miss them, right? Again he always paints a picture that you can relate to. The video is Springsteen playing the song. Check it out below.

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