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Bryan Adam Releases A Live Version Of "Cut's Like A Knife" To Celebrate It's 40th Anniversary!

Bryan Adams decided to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of his 1983 album "Cut's Like A Knife". Adams gives us a live version of the title track recorded in an empty Royal Albert Hall in London, England. The song is a classic. I like that he did the in like a soundcheck setting otherwise live. It gives it a fresh take on such a career defining song. His voice stills like it did then and that's pretty remarkable. The only thing that I felt was different is Keith Scott's guitar solo and noodling. It could be me, be it sounds a bit out of tune. That aside, I like this take. The video I found interesting, the fact that it's shot in black and white and the band was all in black. I will say it's striking to see. I'm not sure it adds anything to the performance. I do like that you see them playing. I know hearing it now, 40 years later, brings up some memories and the realization of how long ago it was, making some if us feel old.

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