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Bryan Adams Releases New Single “Never Gonna Rain”!

Bryan Adams has a new album coming out on March 11th titled “So Happy It Hurts”. You can pr-order a copy here. The new single is Never Gonna Rain. The song is very pop sounding. That isn’t to say it’s bad in fact it’s very catchy. The song does get your attention and the more you play it the better it gets. Adams basically removes anything bad in his life, when you hear lyrics like this verse;

“And I’m gonna smile like I never had a heartache Laugh like I never had a care Gonna take my cup and fill it up Like it’s never gonna rain, never gonna rain again”

He is hopeful about his life, maybe you can appreciate his attitude. It’s definitely inspiring in its own way. The video is shot in black and white and very stripped down as they play the song. I like that. The surprising thing here is Adams is now a trio, I wasn’t expecting that. Check it out below.

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