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Buckcherry- Confessions



           Track List                                                                 Band Members

  1. 1- Gluttony                                                                    Josh Todd- Vocals

  2. 2- Wrath                                                                     Keith Nelson- Guitar

  3. 3- Nothing Left But Tears                                                  Stevie D.- Guitar

  4. 4- The Truth                                     Jimmy “Two Fingers” Ashhurst- Bass

  5. 5- Greed                                                                      Xavier Muriel- Drums

  6. 6- Water

  7. 7- Seven Ways To Die                                      Produced By: Buckcherry

  8. 8- Air

  9. 9- Sloth                                                                          Official Site:

  10. 10- Pride                                                         

  11. 11- Envy

  12. 12- Lust                                                                     Label: Century Media Records

  13. 13- Dreamin’ Of You

 The first thing I would say is that a more appropriate name of the album should have been seven deadly sins, but I get the Confessions title. I say that because all seven are listed as names of songs among others that could fall into that realm. But Confessions takes on Josh Todd’s life, and he sings it with that personal passion, you can literally feel that throughout the album. You also get the trademark Buckcherry screams, swears and sex themes as well. In that regard, fans of the band will not be disappointed. The understanding here, is that Buckcherry wanted to do a concept album. For the most part I think they nail it but some of their exploratory stuff takes them a bit off the mark. But overall it works.

 The opener is Gluttony and it is high energy and hard driving, a good way to kick off the album. It definitely has attitude. Jimmy Ashhurst’s (he has since left the band), powerful bass line takes the record up a notch on Wrath. It finds a groove that you begin to nod your head to. The guitar solo by Keith Nelson is flawless and truly lifts the song to another level. Wrath is probably my favorite track on the album.

 Truth (the song)  is the Sorry for this album and if they release it, it will be hit for them. Yes, it’s as good or better than Sorry. Water kind of has a U2 vibe to it that I don’t think fits the album or the concept musically for the record. Seven Ways To Die, brings the boys back to the hard rock you expect from them, lyrically it summarizes the sins in a loose format. Xavier Muriel’s driving drums are strong through this song and album. But the dual guitar work of Nelson and Stevie D. are the backbone of this band. Nelson’s riffs are pure hard rock ecstasy.

 Sloth shows that Todd can still sing as well as scream. This song could really be a single as well. But I like the dynamics of this track. It fits in nicely in the scheme of the record. I like this almost as much as I like Wrath.  Lust is classic Buckcherry, basically keeping to their theme that one woman isn’t fulfilling enough. The album ends with Dreamin’ Of You, which is kind of a surprise, since you wouldn’t think they would end with a ballad. Again, the band shows some range and new sounds, some work and some don’t. As a whole, this is a pretty solid Buckcherry record. You get some pure emotion and great chords and riffs. I confess I’m glad I bought it and as you explore the record you will, too.

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