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Buckcherry Release New Single “Radio Song”!

Buckcherry has released a new single from their current album “Warpaint”. Radio Song is their latest from the record. This is done in ballad form but it’s not about love, at least not from understanding of the lyrics. It seems more about self realization and coming to terms. Look at the following lyrics:

“I looked at all the things that happened I see my part, I learned my lesson Torn apart, I’m ready for a brand new start Everything I took for granted The simple things are all that mattered Tears I cried, I sing it with a troubled mind”

It’s all about him so even though it’s in ballad form, it’s not. I love the tone of the self confession and dealing with Josh Todd’s reality in it. I think it’s very relatable. The stand out in the ballad is guitarist’s Kevin Roentgen solo. Well done and really fits the song. I think they needed to release a track like this to get them some airplay. There is more to the band than Crazy Bitch and Sorry. The video is a live clip from their performance at the Las Vegas Freemont Street Experience.Check it out below.

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